The Experience & Techniques

The essence of you, revived.

As alternative practitioners, we gather with one intention—to replenish your light and empower you in your journey. Together, our alternative healing practitioners provide all of the following techniques in a calm and quiet space over two days.



Angel Therapy


Matrix Energetics


Pysch K


Shamanic Practices

Vibrational Healing



Acupuncture – A traditional oriental medicine, acupuncture heals most ailments—from insomnia and depression to allergies and arthritis. Based on your individual needs, our licensed acupuncturists insert small, sterile needles in specific parts of the body. This practice releases energy in your body and provides whole-body wellness.


Angel Therapy ™ – Certified by Doreen Virtue, spiritual doctor of psychology, Dana provides healing through the love and guidance of angels. Dana calls upon a person’s guardian angels to provide help and wisdom for a fuller and more peaceful life.


HeartMath – Through the new and scientifically validated view of psychology and physiology, HeartMath® allows us to unlock the heart’s innate intelligence. The techniques, concepts, and technology included give you the ability to achieve emotional balance, mental clarity and improved health. You can reduce stress, become more aware and resilient, gain a renewed sense of hope, and live your life with vitality.


Matrix Energetics – Believe in the power of yourself and heal. With Matrix, we help you to actively select information from the world with focus and clarity. As a result, you balance and realign your energy to heal. Through light touch and focused intent, this innovative alternative health remedy opens vast opportunities for positive life changes.


Meditation – The ancient technique of mediation opens the mind to peace and clarity. Practice this modality to increase love, compassion, and patience and promote relaxation and internal energy.


Psych K – Your feelings inside reflect who you are on the outside. Psych-K provides the opportunity for you to actively select positive feelings and thoughts and integrate them into your body on a cellular level. We combine positive statements with brain gym exercises to integrate the right and left sides of your brain. The result is a connection of your head and heart to encourage your heart’s intelligence. 


Reiki – Through our hands and Reiki energy, this natural technique reduces stress, promotes relaxation and supports your immune system. Reiki balances the whole body, promotes feelings of peace, security, and well-being, decreases pain and inflammation, and quickens healing.


Shamanic practices – A profound and spiritual experience, shamanism transcends religion and individual thought. Connect with nature and humankind to experience an authentic understanding of yourself and the world.


Vibrational Healing – A lack of vibrational balance within the body leads to physical ailments and disease. We often use the healing power of Tibetan Singing Bowls with Reiki therapy to balance energetic systems. We place the bowls on your body and play them based on your individual needs to steady your unique vibrations. The healing sounds envelope the soul and revive the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.


Yoga – Through mindful physical poses, connect your mind, body, and spirit. Yoga opens your whole body and mind to healing, reflection, and peace.

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